WTF is programmatic digital out-of-home?

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed marketers’ media mix, with out-of-home being one of the channels most impacted initially. 

As the world reopens and the medium is returning to something like pre- pandemic levels in terms of foot traffic volume and shopping, marketers are focusing on digital out of home (DOOH) as a brand- and data-safe channel, and an increasingly essential option as the audience and privacy landscape continues to change and evolve. Furthermore, with the recent innovation of programmatic trading, DOOH can be more targeted and relevant to key audiences — a more powerful approach than ever before. 

In this new WTF guide, Digiday and VIOOH dive into the elements of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising, from the basics to when and how it should be added to an integrated marketing strategy — and how programmatic DOOH will play significant roles in advertisers’ omnichannel strategies in 2021 and beyond. 

Download this guide and learn more about:

  • How out-of-home advertising has evolved and how programmatic has changed the channel 
  • How the pandemic impacted DOOH and how programmatic advertisers have responded 
  • The most important questions to ask when adding programmatic DOOH to the marketing mix 
  • A look at how programmatic DOOH can play a part in integrated, multi-channel advertising campaigns
  • What media owners and buyers need from technology partners working with programmatic DOOH

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