WTF is identity for marketers in 2021?

More than one-third of adults in the U.S. want online retailers to do more when it comes to offering them personalized ads. To meet their expectations, marketers need to bring successful identity solutions to bear — and they need to do that in a world of regulation and fragmented data.  This new WTF guide for marketers unpacks the elements that make up identity and how it works in 2021. Exploring the types of data and challenges that marketers face throughout their campaigns, this new report highlights the roles of first-party data, the value exchange and the advertiser’s quest for scale. Packed with glossaries, spotlights on different identity approaches and how technology and evolving channels are changing the landscape, this is the handbook for advertisers on the path to identity graphs and identity resolution.  Download this new WTF to learn more about: – How marketers define identity and why it matters – The roles of deterministic and probabilistic data in identity solutions – Chief challenges on the path to identity resolution – The vital role of the identity graph – The future of identity and technology for marketers Sponsored by Acxiom.