WTF is a headless CMS?

Headless commerce solutions are becoming an increasingly essential strategy for all brands, and e-commerce brands in particular. Despite the growth of CMS solutions, many misconceptions still surround the headless CMS space. For example, marketers believe a headless CMS and a decoupled CMS are the same, meaning adding APIs on top of any CMS will suffice, but this is often not the case. Traditional content management systems aren’t built in the same way as headless ones and they seldom (if ever) function in the same manner either. 

In this WTF guide, Digiday and Yext break down the misunderstandings surrounding headless CMS, dispel the myths and, with help from experts, highlight the ways in which marketers can make the most out of this system. 

Download this guide from Yext to learn more about: 

  • Why headless CMS approaches matter to e-commerce brands 
  • Dispelling misconceptions around headless CMS implementation and CX
  • How marketers can implement changes — at scale — within a headless CMS 
  • Barriers to entry marketers might face and how to overcome them 
  • Getting started and the role of partnerships

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WTF is a headless CMS?
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