WTF is a first-party media network?

Marketers have always wanted to maximize the impact of the impressions they make. In digital environments, automated feedback systems now enable marketers to continuously optimize their budgets, bidding and messaging strategies. Technologies that improve marketing outcomes using first-party data are now improving and driving new changes as well.  In 2021, the evolution of first-party data solutions has come to include elements such as commerce data and assets from both the demand and supply side. These components are enhancing and increasing the power of the data network as marketers have known it, and the result can be thought of as a first-party media network — in which a variety of stakeholders work together for interoperability, transparency and accountability around first-party data. 

Download this new report to learn more about what the first-party media network means for marketers. You’ll learn:

  • The component parts of a first-party media network and why advertisers should care about them
  • A look at how first-party media networks play a part in the omnichannel marketing world 
  • The steps that advertisers should take before deciding to engage with a first-party media network

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