Why consumers are seeking flexibility from their subscriptions

Today’s subscription economy is about more than watching TV. Consumers rely on subscriptions to manage nearly every aspect of their lives, including music, food, gaming, health and fitness.

However, as consumers sign up for more subscriptions than ever, they also deal with more content providers and receive a more disjointed experience. According to a recent Bango survey, 78% of subscription users want one app to manage all their subscription services and accounts. 

In this new guide, Bango explores the transition from a subscription-based economy to a subscriber-centric economy and what “super-bundling” means for consumers and content providers.

Download Bango’s guide to learn more about:

  • How consumers approach subscription volume and management
  • Ways the economy has impacted subscriptions
  • What features consumers are seeking from subscription hubs

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Why consumers are seeking flexibility from their subscriptions
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