What is addressable advertising

Without third-party cookies, balancing ad engagement with measurement and optimization will be a challenge for marketers, and the proposed solutions, which often involve routing consumer data to large online gatekeepers, risk falling short when it comes to efficiency, transparency and maintaining high consumer privacy standards. 

This is where responsible addressable media comes into play. Solutions that fall into this category enable marketers to continue serving personalized content and drive successful campaign outcomes and publishers to deliver diverse content, all in ways that consumers perceive to be safe. 

In this new guide, Digiday and Criteo explore responsible addressable media and how marketers are infusing responsibility into their strategies as they look for media solutions that meet their own mandates, benefit publishers and keep consumer choice and safety top of mind. 

Download this guide to learn: 

  • What makes addressable media ‘responsible’
  • How measurement and optimization plays a key role in responsible addressable solutions
  • Why transparency is a crucial component of the responsible addressable media equation
  • How partners are helping marketers bring the focus to responsibility   

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