What brands need to know about Gen Z to forge closer connections

Brands working to connect with Gen Z are striving to understand the cohort’s unique values and qualities. The insights they gain empower their marketing teams to create relevant experiences and win this valuable customer base’s loyalty — and spend.

Gen Z grew up expecting respectful and personalized brand experiences, much like it grew up with ubiquitous digital and mobile connectivity. This instinctive, digital savviness of Gen Z means brands are working hard to deliver seamless digital customer experiences for this demographic.

Acxiom analyzed demographic, behavioral and psychographic data to help brands gain a deeper understanding of Gen Z and its buying habits and preferences.

Download the new report from Acxiom to learn more about:

  • The connection between personal values and brand loyalty
  • Which channels are most likely to influence Gen Z shoppers
  • Opportunities for different industries to engage with Gen Z
  • How Gen Z is approaching privacy concerns and data collection

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What brands need to know about Gen Z to forge closer connections
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