Virtual event: How immersive experiences are driving campaign success

There are more eyeballs on screens than ever before, and e-commerce has overtaken the marketplace for purchases of all kinds — and yet every advertiser is still competing for precious attention in a world awash with site content and increasingly restricted publisher environments. To win their spend, publishers must help provide a competitive edge.

For advertisers and publishers, immersive on-site experiences are cutting through the noise. Join Nikki Gertner, senior product marketing manager at Celtra, on March 16, at 1 p.m. EDT, for a deep-dive into the formats, features and types of content that can inspire immersive ad product suites. Also joining the conversation will be Kimberly Morin, vice president of Advertising Operations at Bustle Digital Group (BDG), sharing first-hand insights about crafting an ad product suite that will set on-site media apart.

Register for this virtual deep dive to learn more about:

  • Rich media products that incorporate interactive elements
  • Roles for animation in capturing audience attention
  • How full-page canvases can break through banner blindness
  • Examples of video and site skins that dazzle audiences

Sponsored by Celtra.