TV advertising unwrapped: A Q4 guide to a successful holiday season

With all signs pointing to Q4 being the biggest quarter for e-commerce yet, marketers are focused on finding the best strategy to position themselves for a stellar Q4. Part of finding the optimal strategy is evaluating the diversification of their marketing mix in the face of a hyper-competitive digital landscape with rising year-over-year CPMs.  It’s not too late to identify last-minute opportunities and put a bow on Q4 campaigns. The tips in this guide will serve as a blueprint for how marketers — no matter their TV advertising experience — can enhance their overall digital ad strategies with TV in Q4. 

Download this guide and learn more about:

  • How to budget for a Q4 TV strategy that drives awareness and performance at the right moments
  • Overall TV marketplace dynamics, and what they mean for marketers
  • Which qualities in a TV advertising partner will help brands make the most of Q4

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