Deceptive advertising: The brand safety threat costing publishers readers and revenue

In new research, brand safety woes emerged as publishers’ top concern when it comes to deceptive advertising. When surveyed, half of our polled advertisers say they avoid certain publishers — and even end publisher relationships — due to deceptive ads on their sites.

The study shows that deceptive ads spreading fake news, leading to scam sites or planting malware on consumers’ devices are damaging publishers and tarnish brands. Protecting readers is equal to protecting revenue — it’s time to crack down on deceptive and damaging advertising to protect the integrity of every publisher and brand.

Downloading this report to learn more about:

  • Why advertisers avoid certain publishers due to ads on their sites
  • How publishers can control the content of ads that appear on-site, guarding their editorial content from the damage deceptive ads inflict
  • Why the industry is turning to technology and private marketplaces to tackle the problem

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