The state of programmatic in 2022

Programmatic marketing is in a state of evolution. Marketers increasingly turned to the method after facing pandemic challenges to better reach and engage audiences at scale. Now it’s representing a larger share of teams’ budgets and efforts for 2022 and into 2023 as well. 

As marketing teams navigate privacy-forward targeting approaches and embrace new channels and expanded opportunities, programmatic is at the center of their digital strategies. 

To highlight how advertisers are planning programmatic campaigns, Digiday and AdTheorent surveyed over 60 brands and agencies. This report dives into the results and, with expert insights, provides an overview of the trends and transformations underway for marketers in the way they’re assessing resources, budgets, approaches and more for 2023 and beyond. 

Download this new report to learn: 

  • How marketers are budgeting for programmatic in 2023
  • Why self-serve programmatic is increasingly popular with marketing teams
  • How privacy and regulations are evolving in the programmatic space
  • The rising prominence of programmatic in CTV
  • How performance and partnerships are defining the future of programmatic

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The state of programmatic in 2022