The state of marketing data enhancement and analytics

When digital technology leaders announced their intention to phase out third-party cookies and other problematic identifiers, marketers began looking for data sources to fill the void. 

For the most part, brands and agencies got the right message: first-party and zero-party data collected directly from consumers with their consent has the power to inform targeted advertising.

However, the collection of consumer data by brands — and by agencies on behalf of their client brands — is only the first step. To make their data work harder and smarter, brands, agencies and publishers alike are making data enhancement and data analytics integral parts of their campaign planning processes.

To unpack this evolving role of marketing data and analytics, Wiland and Digiday surveyed 193 brands, agencies and publishers, exploring the types of data they are currently collecting, what additional data they’ll need in the months to come and how they’re pursuing data enhancement using both internal and external resources. 

Download this new report to learn:

  • What types of data brands and agencies are gathering to understand their customers and prospects
  • The role that analytics is playing for brands and agencies today
  • How brands and agencies are using consumer data to improve marketing outcomes
  • How data partnerships are helping brands enrich consumer data

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The state of marketing data enhancement and analytics
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