The state of agencies

Despite the challenges of 2020, agencies were still expected to deliver high-quality results in addition to respecting privacy rights, transparency and openness. They also faced lockdown, remote team dynamics and a swing of the needle on the brand side from spending to frozen budgets. 

On the upside, emerging from the obstacles and trials of a year of pandemic, brands have rolled up their sleeves and shown they are ready to do businesses: 71% of brands surveyed said they are planning to spend the same or more with agencies in 2021.

To understand the state of the agency, StackAdapt and Digiday surveyed more than 100 participants to get their thoughts on the future, and what their expectations are for the year to come and beyond. In this new report, agencies and brands share their plans and concerns, from the rate of agency pitching to how brands choose agency partners, to where there are skills gaps and how agencies are planning to close them. 

Download this report to learn:

  • Why agencies are feeling more optimistic than ever
  • The skills gap agencies are facing
  • How and why the pitch is changing

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