The state of agencies in 2023

As advertising agencies continue to adapt to uncertainty, they’re focusing on pitching more often and building up skill sets to break through stiff competition and pave the way for the next generation of analytics. 

To understand how media buyers are adapting to the evolving world in which they work, Digiday and StackAdapt surveyed 117 agencies and brands. This new State of the Industry report captures the results and, with expert insights, highlights the challenges agencies are encountering, how they’re solving them and the tools and skill sets they’re using along the way. 

Download this new report to learn more about:

  • How pitching and new business are projected to play out in the year to come
  • The rising tide of demand for data and analytics capabilities on agency teams
  • The AI imperative — what brands want and what agencies are racing to onboard
  • Why net profit and CLV are equally crucial to agencies and brands in 2023

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The state of agencies in 2023
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