The retailer connection: Retail media tactics for connecting advertisers and customers

From traditional endcap displays to direct mail, retailers have always worked as a connector, bringing brands and people together, supplementing brand manufacturers’ and their own efforts with formats and approaches that urge customers further into the shopping funnel. 

What retail media currently looks like in practice, though, is evolving as the industry undergoes digital transformation and consumer behaviors shift.

In this report, Digiday and Criteo put a lens on Best Buy as one case study of a retailer — and a sizable one — creating new ways for retail marketers to reach shoppers and exploring how Best Buy’s moves stand as lessons for retailers of all sizes working to connect brands to customers in their own online and offline spaces. 

Download this new report and learn more about: 

  • How successful retailers are marketing their unique or niche audiences to brands as a differentiator 
  • Why first-party data is also increasingly essential to analytics at the level of the digital shelf, keywords and the product page 
  • Why brands being able to buy using platforms to which they are accustomed is of increasing importance to the retail media relationship