The publisher’s guide to post-cookie ad products

The party’s over for third-party cookies. And now, with transparency and direct ad sales on the rise, audience data is doing more heavy lifting than it ever has before. Indeed, for publishers with robust data, there are still a slew of ways to build an ad offering that is unique to their brand and attractive to potential advertisers. 

This new guide dives deep into tips and best practices for publishers seeking to leverage unique audiences in the quest for ad revenue. Readers will gain detailed insights into how to build a modular suite of ad products that makes the most of publisher data. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • Trends influencing creative products in 2021
  • Why a modular ad product suite is critical to diversification and adaptability
  • How the death of the cookie is turbo-charging direct sales relationships
  • How Vice boosted clicks and engagement with a new suite of cross-device ad products

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