The publisher’s guide to header bidding in 2021

Header bidding remains an important tool for programmatic ad buying, and Google’s impending elimination of third-party cookies — and the increasingly critical role of brand safety — will impact the way publishers can approach and implement header bidding in the future.  To effectively leverage header bidding in 2021 and beyond, publishers must have an understanding of the tactic and its challenges, as well as the resources and costs necessary to adapt to coming changes. Publishers also have to solve challenges related to page latency, demand partners and transparency in the header bidding ecosystem.  This new white paper from Yieldbird breaks down the nuances of header bidding and the keys to optimizing the strategy.

Download this guide to learn about:

  • The pros and cons of client-side and server-side header bidding
  • How to choose third-party solutions 
  • How header bidding applies to video and in-app inventory
  • Header bidding trends and predictions for the next year

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