The publisher’s guide to Core Web Vitals

Publishers are no strangers to adjusting their sites and strategies based on new rules and regulations from private and public entities. And while one of these changes, Google’s Core Web Vitals, may seem complicated to adjust to and implement, it’s one that’s designed to help all stakeholders in the long run: publishers, advertisers and users alike. 

With CWV, publishers can improve how their sites perform by making them easier to access on the user side and offer a better user experience via elements that load and function better. While publishers should see lift and improved engagement, audiences will also benefit. 

This tactical guide highlights the ways publishers can best leverage strategies such as CWV, to achieve an improved user experience and tangible results simultaneously. 

Download this new report from Outbrain to learn more about: 

  • Putting a logical, practical lens on Core Web Vitals
  • Building a clear understanding of site optimization across organizations
  • Using multiple sources for monitoring and investigating scores
  • Core Web Vitals tools, best practices and more

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The publisher’s guide to Core Web Vitals
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