The publisher’s guide to fighting clickbait

For publishers, programmatic ad sales are a strategic revenue source, but the volume of ads that move through these channels makes it challenging to control the quality of the ads that end up on a given site. Over time, the number of clickbait, offensive and misleading ads on publishers’ sites is increasing — bringing with it outcomes detrimental to the user experience.

To maintain a positive user experience and optimize revenue, publishers need to know how clickbait operates, how to flag it and how to prevent it from getting on their site in the first place. In this new guide, GeoEdge and Digiday present tactics for publishers that will help them win the fight against clickbait.

Download this report to learn: 

  • Why an evolving list of ad guidelines is necessary to maintain ad quality
  • How accurate, real-time categorization of ads prevents clickbait
  • The importance of ad landing page monitoring to winning the fight against clickbait
  • The tactics that fraudsters use to get past traditional ad quality strategies

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