The publisher’s guide to audience engagement

As publishers place ever-increasing importance on subscriber engagement and retention in the digital space, digital-only subscriptions continue to see positive outcomes. With the results plain to see, publishers are turning to innovative audience engagement and data tactics to generate even more insight into reader behaviors. The mission is to transform anonymous, one-time visitors into subscribers.

Working with subject matter experts and Mather Economics’ deep knowledge of subscription management and customer analytics, in this new guide Digiday and Viafoura put a lens on the tactics publishers are employing for 2023, highlighting how first-party data, A/B testing and DXPs are enhancing customer journeys and driving revenue.

Download the new guide to learn:

  • How publishers are using first-party data to turn visitors into subscribers
  • How A/B testing is helping publishers leverage audience data for subscription revenue
  • Why DXPs are helping publishers optimize the customer journey
  • How partnerships are helping publishers automate and activate digital data to meet KPIs

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The publisher’s guide to audience engagement
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