The new shape of retail media: Tactics and insights for retailers in 2021

In 2020, the e-commerce surge and months of quarantine rewrote the expectations — if not the rules — of marketing to the modern shopper. The landscape altered in ways that went beyond even the death of the third-party cookie and expanding privacy regulations. Channels and commerce, product types and the very dominance of product categories transformed. 

Retail media experienced these changes in no uncertain terms. Consumers went to e-commerce channels more than ever before, and at dramatic rates, to find all sorts of goods — from apparel all the way down to products like daily essentials that historically had been dominated by physical retail channels.

This new tactical guide from Digiday and Criteo highlights critical ways every retailer can adapt to the new normal — essential steps for engaging with retail media in its expanding and diversifying forms.

Download this new report to learn more about:

  • How retailers are unlocking first-party data in 2021
  • The rising role of self-service retail media solutions
  • Why retailers are going beyond sales data for advanced insights
  • What’s essential to a solid retail media partnership

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