The new face of TikTok and CTV video testing strategies in 2023

As video continues to dominate digital content in 2023 and beyond, marketers who miss the chance to build new approaches to video production and opportunity will lose out on  growth

Testing strategies have been a part of the marketing toolkit for some time, whether it’s an email headline or a social media CTA, it’s natural — and vital — to test what’s most effective. For video campaigns, in 2023, going beyond A/B testing to establish a multivariate testing strategy will be essential to help brands break through the noise as TikTok’s popularity continues to rise and CTV’s seemingly limitless capabilities expand. 

Join Catharine Meketa, managing vice president at QuickFrame by MNTN on January 25 at 1 p.m. EST to learn how marketers are establishing a feedback loop of data that can be used for all of their annual campaigns and why video testing allows them to iterate and improve upon creatives mid-flight.

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  • How to build a multivariate testing plan 
  • The relationship between video production and testing strategies
  • The benefits multivariate video testing provides brands

Sponsored by: QuickFrame by MNTN

The new face of TikTok and CTV video testing strategies in 2023