The marketing playbook for the post-cookie world

When Google extended its deadline for third-party cookie deprecation to 2023, many marketers reacted with relief for the extra time. While some took the extension as an invitation to continue with business as usual, others opted to test and activate cookieless solutions to take advantage of existing cookieless inventory and to develop future-proof strategies.

This new guide from Digiday and Quantcast presents tactics that leverage the opportunities presented by cookieless environments today. From how marketers are using cookieless campaigns to reach untapped audiences, to picking the right partner to ensure the best business outcomes, the insights in this report will help marketers bolster their strategies to more confidently take on the cookieless future today. 

Download this guide to learn: 

  • Why marketers are already activating cookieless solutions
  • Key tactics and best practices for cookieless activations
  • The importance of understanding metric discrepancies between cookie-based and cookieless environments
  • The key features to look for in a cookieless activation partner