The marketers’ guide to the evolution of retail media networks

As major digital retailers such as Walmart and Amazon continue to grow, retail media networks (RMNs) are no longer optional for brands. They’ve become a core component of their advertising teams’ business models.

Retail media is evolving quickly, and brands are going beyond traditional approaches such as display, loyalty cards and coupons to embrace retail media 3.0. This next stage in the evolution of RMNs is encouraging marketers to prioritize first-party data collection and consumer-centric digital strategies.

To help marketers uncover tactics and insights for staying ahead of the game with the next iteration of RMNs, this report highlights how brands and retailers are employing omnichannel strategies to navigate siloed data and deliver engaging campaigns at scale.

Download this new report from Taboola to learn:

  • How brands are navigating data siloes across retail channels
  • How to activate offsite media with RMNs
  • How to use first-party data to build omnichannel campaigns
  • What to look for in retail network partnerships

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The marketers’ guide to the evolution of retail media networks
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