The marketer’s guide to email audiences

In their neverending pursuit of the best-aligned audience cohorts, email marketing teams are increasingly turning to predictive segmentation, tapping into technology and strategies that enable them to target customers more accurately and win email opens, engagement and conversions.

Traditional segmentation strategies typically break up audiences into groups based on their current behavior, but predictive segmentation goes a step further, utilizing AI and machine learning algorithms to forecast the most likely consumer behavior going forward.

In this Tactics+Insights guide, Digiday and Mailchimp explore how brands use predictive analytics tools and segmentation strategies to foresee the future buying behavior of customers in their email campaigns. With expert insights, we unpack how innovative email marketing solutions are working to future-proof campaigns as consumer behavior shifts and evolves.

Download the new guide to learn:

  • How predictive segmentation shifts email campaigns into a future-focused mode
  • How predictive segmentation helps resurface the least engaged for new conversions
  • Why email marketers are using predictive models to measure campaign performance
  • How marketers are drawing insights from predictive segmentation to optimize consumer engagement

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The marketer’s guide to email audiences
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