The email marketer’s guide to the customer journey

As email marketers search for new ways to engage with their audiences, teams must pay increasingly closer attention to the customer journey. The model of that journey, and the experiences that occur throughout it, represent an ideal framework for marketers working to align their campaigns with audiences’ preferences, behaviors and expectations.

Pursuing that alignment, marketers are crafting customer journey maps to gain a unified view of customer experiences from the moment they connect with the brand to the actions they take after engaging, making purchases, etc.

In this Tactics+Insights guide, Digiday and Mailchimp put a lens on the strategies and technologies email marketers are employing to analyze, map and enhance customer journeys. The strategies, frameworks and automation capabilities successful marketers are using to win over consumers at every stage are transforming the customer experience.

Download the new guide to learn:

  • How email marketers are pinpointing each phase of the customer journey to connect with audiences at ideal moments
  • How marketers are building customer journey maps to connect with buyers at ideal touchpoints
  • How marketers are using automation tools to personalize customer journeys
  • Why marketers are looking to partners to customize customer journeys

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The email marketer’s guide to the customer journey
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