The brand’s guide to preparing for the post-cookie world: Cookieless migration

For years, brands have relied on third-party cookies to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time, but the era of the third-party cookie is coming to an end. Safari and Firefox have already stopped supporting third-party cookies and Chrome will be sunsetting them in 2023. Continuing to rely on the current cookie-based infrastructure for much longer is not an option considering the limited timeframe. Yet, many brands have still not started their migration journey.

Shared user IDs are an effective solution to the issue of addressability and measurement in the absence of third-party cookies. This guide outlines the steps that brands must take to complete their cookieless migration successfully to better reach Safari and Firefox users today and smoothly transition to the post-cookie world.

Download this new report from ID5 to learn:

  • How to conduct an impact assessment before beginning the migration journey
  • How to identify and implement privacy-compliant shared ID solutions
  • What questions to ask tech partners to ensure support and compliance
  • What key metrics to evaluate when testing cookieless traffic

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