The agile interactive video campaign playbook

As video cements its role as an increasingly popular medium for advertisers, marketing teams have learned that there are few, if any, one-size-fits-all approaches to ads on the channel. Not all video creative proves to be equally engaging. However, ads that incorporate interactive elements and motivate viewers to take action are driving larger returns than passive formats. 

To help advertisers simplify interactive video, and drive successful campaigns, this new playbook unpacks the tactics one retailer employed to successfully incorporate interactive video elements across a long-term seasonal campaign, highlighting how they shifted messaging for holidays and addressed changes in stock along the way. 

Download this new report from KERV to learn: 

  • How to optimize object-level interactions and why it’s important
  • How to shift creatives to adjust for rapidly changing promotions
  • How to hone in on availability and preferred delivery method 
  • What the future of interactive and shoppable video looks like

Sponsored by: KERV

The agile interactive video campaign playbook
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