The advertiser’s guide to in-app mobile

Marketing campaigns targeting consumers via mobile devices typically involve identifying users via major carriers, but many consumers choose services not provided by such carriers or even the smaller outfits that connect to these extensive networks. 

While most marketing strategies are built assuming all necessary audiences are in the mix, there’s often a cohort, segment or range of representation on which even the savviest of advertisers miss out — those who have cut out mobile carriers. 

In this Tactics+Insights guide, Digiday and TextNow dive into how advertisers can engage carrier-cutting mobile audiences with well-crafted creative and advertising campaigns, along with specific examples of how brands have accomplished this. 

Download this new report to learn more about: 

  • Who the carrier-cutting audience is
  • How advertisers can effectively reach this savvy audience
  • How a fast-food chain used an app-based telecom service to drive deal redemptions
  • How a QSR chain used in-app promotions to increase foot traffic and ROI

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The advertiser’s guide to in-app mobile
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