The advertiser’s guide to activating data-driven creative

Brands and agencies are delivering increasingly relevant and personalized ads to consumers by leveraging dynamic advertising that takes into account real-time information. 

However, developing compelling creative has historically been a siloed process in which cross-departmental teams rely on manual processes and compartmentalized workflows.  This makes it challenging for agencies and brands to activate dynamic creative rapidly, creating bottlenecks that suppress campaign effectiveness — costing advertisers ROAS.  

In this new Tactics + Insights guide, Digiday and Clinch highlight how advertisers bring all teams to a central conversation and point of activation, creating refined messaging that adapts to a customer’s circumstances, improving engagement and driving critical business outcomes. 

Download this new report to learn:

  • How dynamic creative optimization (DCO) platforms equip teams with cross-channel reporting and insights
  • What kind of real-time information fuels data-driven creative
  • How teams are testing and optimizing creative elements
  • Insights from Hyundai, Albertsons Companies and more

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The advertiser’s guide to activating data-driven creative
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