The state of cookies and data privacy — publisher size drives diverging strategies

From Europe to California and from Apple to Google, powerful entities are reframing user privacy. As a result, many publishers are facing an existential crisis — one that threatens their long-established revenue models. But there are stark differences between how large businesses are approaching the new landscape and how their smaller competitors are trying to keep pace.

The BuzzFeeds of the world will always be able to expand into new revenue streams like subscriptions and podcasts. But independent businesses still live and die by ad revenue, and they won’t be able to get it through the same sales channels on which they’ve been relying. In this webinar on April 13 at 3 p.m. EST, join experts from CafeMedia along with Michael Horn, Chief Data Officer at Huge, and Neil Nelson, CEO of Atlanta Black Star as they discuss new research into more than 100 publishers. You’ll learn:

  • Why publishers’ responses to privacy restrictions differ based on company size and resources
  • How smaller publishers are using first-party data and contextual targeting to shore up ad revenue
  • Why anonymized IDs are a promising tool — and why smaller publishers still struggle to use them
  • Why technological approaches are becoming both more costly and more crucial

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