The state of content (mis)management

The CMS (sometimes called a “publishing platform” or “story editor”) is the publisher’s direct connection to the consumer. Every pixel of content that publishers proliferate into the online landscape — everything the consumer reads, watches or hears — is filtered through a CMS. 

But a new survey of more than 150 publishers developed by Chorus by Vox Media and Digiday surfaced widespread dissatisfaction with the publishing industry’s CMS offerings. Over the course of our research, industry pros repeatedly said that customization, flexibility, and innovative features were sorely lacking from their platforms. Moreover, they indicated that advertising features favored ad volume over good-looking user experiences. 

And resoundingly, they said things didn’t need to be that way. 

In our State of the Industry report you’ll learn:  

  • How satisfied publishers are with specific CMS features, including content editing, ad placements and revenue operations
  • Which features publishers say are most lacking from their CMSes
  • Whether tenure using the same CMS correlates to more satisfaction with the platform

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