To build or buy? 2019 mobile marketing buyer’s guide

The mobile app market smashed through the $150 billion mark and has only grown in size and scope since. It’s no longer enough for brands to just “build an app” — they need to master mobile marketing.


By building customer relationships through mobile messaging and 1:1 customer engagement across channels, brands can ensure that their strategy delivers long-term value and ROI. However, the question remains — is it better for a brand to build their own platform, or invest in a solution?

In this guide, you will learn:


  • Key questions every brand should consider before building their own mobile marketing platform
  • How analytics and action for mobile marketing can extend across email, web push and interactive TV
  • The importance of scalability and accessibility when it comes to making your decision
  • How to optimize A/B testing to find the messaging that works best for your brand


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