Shoppable connections and social media

As the cost of customer acquisition continues to rise, brands in every category are searching for ways to optimize advertising investments that make the most out of every dollar, shifting spend to the social channels that shoppers increasingly frequent. And as platforms build shoppable formats and functionality, social advertising is transforming into social commerce as these touchpoints converge.

In this new Unpacked guide, Digiday and Flowspace take a closer look at the ways advertisers are using social commerce to build the ideal shopping experience for customers while providing the data and insights needed to connect and optimize every touchpoint.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • How social commerce differs from e-commerce
  • How brands are using social commerce to improve advertising outcomes
  • What challenges brands may face when working with social commerce
  • How to build strong social commerce partnerships

Sponsored by: Flowspace

Shoppable connections and social media
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