Networks, incremental revenue and capturing the digital footprint

The e-commerce surge has unlocked a range of opportunities for retailers to monetize an influx of online customers and shopper data. Despite the urge to simply jump in with both feet, however, retail marketers and revenue teams are discovering that monetizing involves a nuanced and challenging process. But when it works it opens new channels to significant incremental revenue.

The process of capturing value with this process can be termed audience commerce — an approach in which retailers turn to audience data to determine if an interaction is more valuable to them or to partner brands. 

In this micro-report, the first in a series of three, LiveIntent and Digiday highlight several essential audience commerce tactics. From networks to newsletters, from affiliate programs to the partnerships that help make all these steps work, this guide provides actionable advice and tips for asking the right questions and identifying the real parameters of successful audience commerce approaches in 2021. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • How retailers are building retail media networks 
  • What happens when retailers apply audience commerce to email newsletters
  • Steps for following the digital footprint
  • Key questions for vetting audience commerce partners

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