Research: How marketers are mastering the post-analog world

In the wake of a pandemic that’s dramatically altered physical commerce, a long-foretold shift to digital marketing is truly accelerating. Indeed, new findings confirm that marketing decision-makers are spearheading a massive spike in digital spending, coupled with a corresponding decline in investment on analog platforms like linear TV and print. 

Now, a critical question arises: As digital takes the reins from analog, how can marketers adopt long-term strategies that enable them to target — and retain — the massive influx of digital customers they’re seeing? In this report, based on research into the practices of 186 brand and agency executives, you’ll gain insights into the biggest challenges marketers and advertisers are working to overcome as they grow their digital footprints. 

Download this report to learn:

  • Which digital platforms are ascendant, and which analog platforms are declining
  • How marketers are overcoming cookie restrictions on the path to digital expansion
  • How marketers are targeting unique user IDs in an era of consumer privacy
  • Why marketers are prioritizing real-time data collection to improve attribution

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