Report: Web story formats are driving publisher monetization

The social media story format has been key in growing audience and revenue in recent years, and publishers and advertisers are taking note. Web stories are a mobile-first, vertical, multimedia approach to presenting articles. The format allows users to experience a story by tapping content that includes images, video, audio, animations and text. 

Publishers and advertisers are leveraging this strategy to provide audiences with a smartphone user-friendly, interactive experience that makes it easier to discover content. However, as creating a web story manually costs time and money, companies are turning to tech solutions to automate the production process and generate high ROI.

This new white paper from Zmooz explores what web stories are, how publishers are creating them and what degree of revenue and audience growth they are seeing.

Download this guide for a deep dive into:

  • Publisher case studies — web story production and results
  • What Google’s Web Stories initiative means for publishers
  • How using tech platforms can lead to higher monetization

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