Report: The state of TV advertising in the connected age

The growth of connected TV is transforming the ways brand and performance marketing teams approach their roles. 

Advances in creative advertising and measurement in CTV are presenting new opportunities beyond long-standing approaches to linear TV, a space that has traditionally focused on repetition and brand recognition. Marketers now have the ability to bridge high-impact brand awareness with digital strategies that prioritize user data and specific targeting, allowing teams to better reach their intended audience. 

To spotlight how marketers are navigating CTV, MNTN and Digiday surveyed 123 brand and agency executives to learn how their teams are evolving their advertising approaches in the channel. Packed with expert insights, this report also highlights how CTV is helping marketers expand their omnichannel marketing strategy. 

Download this new report to learn about:

  • CTV’s growth into what is now an essential marketing tool
  • How CTV is changing brand and performance team expectations
  • Challenges and opportunities for measuring performance
  • Action steps for building an effective CTV team in 2022 and beyond

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