Report: The state of digital audio in 2021

Digital audio has seen a surge in recent years, with quarantine and lockdowns in 2020 and early 2021 further accelerating the format. As such, advertisers on digital audio channels such as podcasts and music streaming platforms have proliferated. They want to be in the places consumers lend an ear.  In a new report Digiday and Podsights highlight the challenges digital audio advertisers are encountering, how effective the outlet has been for them, and what tools they’re using to measure performance and power analytics. 

Download this report for insights into:

  • The changing state of audio advertising and the role it’s playing in the marketer’s media mix – How advertisers are building their digital audio campaigns
  • Why advertisers say digital audio is measuring up to more traditional channels
  • What are the biggest challenges digital audio marketers are working to overcome now and in the future

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