Report: The state of affiliate and partner marketing

The traditional marketing funnel consists of awareness, interest, decision and action, but that model isn’t always an accurate representation of how many consumers shop. Instead, these steps often represent the pre-purchase stage of the purchase journey, where action leads to the purchase phase and then to post-purchase. 

The question becomes how can retailers connect with customers across all stages of the purchase funnel. The answer is affiliate marketing, as it lets brands connect with customers across the entire shopping journey — from pre- to post-purchase.

To uncover how digital marketers are approaching affiliate and partner marketing, Digiday and Awin surveyed more than 100 brands and agencies. This report explores the results and how both our respondents and experts are linking affiliate marketing to each stage of the purchase journey, as well as how they’re reassessing its place in their marketing strategies in the year to come. 

Download this new report to learn: 

  • How marketers are increasing their engagement with affiliate marketing
  • How affiliate outcomes are matching up to marketing outcomes
  • The role of technology and partnerships — and the convergence of tech and affiliate roles
  • The characteristics of a strong affiliate partnership

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Report: The state of affiliate and partner marketing
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