Report: The publisher’s guide to subscriber retention

Overall, publishers have experienced an upward trend in subscriber numbers since the beginning of the pandemic, making retention an increasingly important — and challenging — task. 

Rather than reacting to likely-to-churn subscribers with point solutions, publishers are focusing on optimizing the customer experience at critical moments when churn is most likely — shortly after they first subscribe, and the days and weeks leading up to renewal. Using integrated data and insights, publishers are spotting subscribers with the highest churn risk and targeting them accordingly.

This tactical guide by Digiday and Piano presents approaches that publishers are using to proactively address churn and increase retention at these particularly vulnerable moments in the subscriber journey.

Download this guide to learn: 

  • How publishers are testing different subscription models to encourage longer-term commitments
  • The importance of messaging to convey the benefits of subscribing and staying subscribed when renewal windows approach
  • The value of implementing failed payment grace periods and procedures to retry failed payment methods
  • How unified data enables publishers to prevent churn proactively

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