Report: The media buyer’s guide to addressability

Google may have added a grace period to the equation, but third-party cookie deprecation and internet privacy laws are still set to significantly impact the digital advertising ecosystem’s approach to addressability. As publishers work with supply-side platforms to test alternative ID solutions, media buyers can’t put newly added months of time to waste — all stakeholders are working to solve identity and scalability challenges to ensure ad campaigns reach intended audiences.  Through quantitative survey data and qualitative insight from experts, this new PubMatic report explores how brand- and agency-side buyers are approaching addressability now to prepare for a post-cookies web.

Download this report to learn about:

  • Buyer tactics for accessing audiences without third-party cookies
  • Testing solutions that are proving effective and not so effective
  • The role of data clean rooms in expanding addressable audiences 
  • How agencies’ needs compare and contrast with those of publishers