Report: The marketer’s guide to whole-funnel video advertising tactics

Video is no longer just an upper-funnel tactic — consumers engage with it at every stage, from awareness to purchase. Video enables all types of brands to tell a compelling story. Whether that’s with CTV, OTT or a combination, brands can cover a variety of areas if they successfully match audiences to the right messaging and creative.  The outcomes are significant: Video streaming services influence product discovery and purchasing decisions across generations — 42% for Gen Z, 55% for millennials and 31% for boomers.  To get those outcomes, brands need tactics. Criteo and Digiday have created a new playbook unpacking the moves that brands and marketers should be making to capitalize on video advertising at every stage of the sales funnel — a guide to maximizing marketing campaigns and ROI. 

Download this new report to learn:

  • The importance of storylines in video ads 
  • How marketers are striking a frequency balance 
  • How to leverage the consumer research stage
  • How to utilize video ads for retaining customers

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