Report: The marketer’s guide to in-game advertising

In-game advertising has been around for years, but the rise of mobile and desktop games, coupled with societal changes and technological advancements, has spurred its growth and development. Advertisers new to the space are excited to test it out as a brand awareness play.

Brands are developing new strategies to make the most of in-game audiences, but this is easier said than done. Because in-game budgets are often carved from existing marketing allotments, marketers have to win buy-in for a new environment.

To help marketers discover tactics and insights for engaging gaming audiences, this guide highlights how brands are breaking into the world of in-game advertising and extending their reach.

Download this new report from StackAdapt to learn:

  • How to launch an in-game advertising campaign
  • How to engage with an increasingly diverse gaming audience
  • What audiences expect from in-game advertising
  • How in-game developments can improve advertising campaigns

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