Report: Marketers are maximizing budgets as spending stays flat

Amid economic uncertainty and shifting marketing dynamics, marketers are doing more with less. 

According to a new marketing ROI benchmark report based on more than $2 billion in marketing investment, marketers’ spending has been flat since 2021 — despite rising costs and reduced media effectiveness. Even with those challenges, ROI has held steady for marketers.

As teams feel the squeeze on their budgets and media effectiveness, they’re diversifying revenue drivers and experimenting with new channels. This data-driven report offers insights into how marketers make their budgets work harder, highlighting revenue drivers, the critical roles of lower-funnel channels and strategies for holiday campaign flight periods. 

Download this new report from Mutinex to learn more about:

  • Insights into marketing budgets and ROI performance
  • How seasonal and holiday campaigns impact ROI peaks
  • Which channels are driving revenue
  • Best practices for balancing brand and product investments

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Report: Marketers are maximizing budgets as spending stays flat
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