Report: How publishers are growing streaming audiences and leveraging social media

Today’s consumers have more options than ever when it comes to watching video on the screen of their choice.  However, with the ever-increasing popularity of social media and new streaming services launching all the time, the streaming content world is increasingly fragmented. Complexities around channels, discovery and consumption make it tough to reliably find new, quality streaming content — and that poses an even bigger challenge for content providers.  In this report, dive into a roadmap for premium streaming publishers striving to grow their audience and leverage the power of social media to aid in content discovery. Packed with tips and advice for creating a better and more engaging environment for viewers, download this new report from Conviva to learn:

  • How to utilize recommendations to aid users in content discovery
  • How gaming and social media fit in with streaming services
  • The different types of streamers and how to tailor strategies to each