Report: How marketers are using flexible datasets to power successful campaigns

For decades businesses have built massive datasets in pursuit of a complete view of their customers. While many have successfully completed the first part of this goal, the second half of the project — putting the data they’ve gathered to effective use — has largely remained out of reach.

To finally end the cycle of massive datasets, organizations are working to make data clear and accessible to enable cross-team collaboration and interoperability between data points.

This tactical guide unpacks some of the top challenges marketing teams face as they race to secure as much data as possible while implementing steps and approaches that power successful campaigns.

Download this new report from Piano to learn: 

  • How to determine data accuracy and end the mass-data cycle
  • The distinct roles of “light” and “flexible” data
  • How to unify both data and vocabulary
  • How to identify the right tools to apply a flexible data model

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