Report: How brands are building consumer connections with contextual targeting

As fundamental changes to the advertising industry are fast approaching, the need for innovative, intelligent and impactful targeting is top of mind. Changes to the way consumer data is collected and used offer brands a new opportunity to learn and explore how to effectively engage with consumers, offering a fresh perspective and always respecting their privacy. 

Contextual targeting is one method brands are using, with contextually engaged consumers being 32% more interested in the category targeted than those targeted with demographics. 

In an effort to decipher if consumers are more likely to be receptive to specific product categories and feel positive about them if those ads are contextually-targeted, Seedtag partnered with Nielsen to analyze the halo effect that advertising can enjoy when consumers are immersed in relevant content of their choice.

Download this new report from Seedtag to learn: 

  • Why category interest is so important as consumers demand more privacy-compliant personalization 
  • How serving contextually targeted ads positively affects consumers’ future actions
  • What products and categories can benefit most from contextual strategies

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