Report: Four steps publishers can take to create standout subscription journeys

Among digital publishers, subscriptions are becoming a more important — and prevalent — revenue stream. Publishers who understand how their content and communications can stand out from other digital subscriptions will thrive with longer, healthier and more valuable customer relationships. 

The subscription business was already growing. In a time of quarantine, that ongoing growth accelerated even further, and the subscription economy has expanded 350% since 2012. Customers have raised their expectations, leading digital publishers to find ways to address these changing consumer habits. 

Download this new report from Zephr to learn how digital publishers can make their subscription businesses stand out. 

In this report, you’ll learn more about: 

  • How to create a valuable experience for customers from the beginning 
  • How to best collect and leverage data to make the most for customers
  • How to make the subscription experience more personal
  • The tools that can help publishers manage their subscription models

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