Publishers’ guide to privacy-compliant vendors

Maintaining user privacy is now a mandatory business practice — one that’s rigorously regulated in many global markets. Publishers seeking to steer clear of fines and other regulatory consequences must find new and increasingly sophisticated means of sticking to the rules. The stakes are particularly high in Europe, where rigid enforcement of GDPR has put many publishers in a do-or-die position, but they’re also equally significant for all businesses doing work with European organizations.

New research, conducted in December 2020, finds that publishers with a European footprint are still heavily relying on direct partnerships to prevent non-compliant vendors from executing on their sites. But many are also taking new steps —  including the use of new technologies —  to ensure that all their vendor partners are privacy-compliant. 

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How the IAB’s TCF v2.0 consent framework and its accompanying Global Vendor List (GVL) affect publishers 
  • Why many publishers are still letting non-GVL vendors execute on their sites
  • The most common tactics publishers are using to steer clear of non-compliant vendors
  • How new technologies are helping publishers streamline vendor management